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Accessing free wifi in a coffee shop

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Accessing free wifi in a coffee shop

The Internet is the main source of all the information and when you get it for free, its divine. And many coffee shops know this and are therefore providing free WiFis.

This is a very good marketing strategy as most customers will visit again to seek in the free internet and enjoying online streaming along with their coffee. Starbucks, McDonald’s and many other cafes are doing the same.

McDonalds free wifi synergy

Mcdonald’s free Wifi in Australia

Now, to secure their WiFi, or for customers’ convenience, McDonald’s has enabled free wifi login, where the customers do not require any password. For each, a separate OTP is generated to verify their mobile numbers and are identified with the help of same. This way, customers don’t have to run to counters for passwords or any other issue.

But how is this a good marketing strategy? Well, coffee shops like Cafe Coffee Day, McDonald’s and Starbucks have seen a hike in the number of customers visiting their place all because of free WiFi. Also, regular customers come to these coffee shops and spend hours enjoying their coffee, food, and attending their work with free Wi-Fi available there.

While some have like McDonald’s wifi free, some do not. You need a password to connect your phone to their password. And if it is secured with a password, then it cannot by any means, be accessed or hacked without a password except that if you guessed it right.

And in such cases, all you can do is to ask for the WiFi password. You may use some password cracking Apps like Insta bridge or Zanti which may help you in knowing the passwords, but they cannot be used for every network.

Is McDonalds Free WiFi is Secure?

How to Speed Up McDonalds Free WiFi Access?

McDonald’s wifi free was available in almost 20,000 outlets in the US in 2014, shortly when it started to provide free internet instead of $2.95 for every two hours.

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