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How to connect public wifi without password

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How to connect public wifi without password

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Most of the Food joints provide free wifi to all its customers within the premises. And what can be better than your favorite food in hand along with free WiFi as complimentary? And guess what, you can have access to some of them without any password or security key. We’ll help you to do it.

  • Impossible to hack

Is McDonalds Free WiFi is Secure?

How to Speed Up McDonalds Free WiFi Access?

There are some Wi-fi hotspots which are unlikely to crack, and you can connect your device only when you know the password. You may try every errand, but it is practically not possible to achieve it.

These Wi-Fi hotspots generally belong to offices and other private organisations and it’s better that you don’t try.

  • They don’t have any password.

Some food joints like McDonald’s does not have any password for their Wifi. After all, once you know the password, there is a good chance of it being modified or hacked. Also, Wifi with a password does not recognise every device individually, so any illegal work may be considered as to be done by Wifi provider and not the user.

So, many food joints like McDonald’s have introduced Wifi which can be connected through your mobile number. All you have to is to connect your Mobile to the Wifi, and it will prompt you to enter your number, and then you will receive an OTP. Now, verify and enjoy your free Wifi.

  • Hackable passwords

Yes, you must be waiting for this, but note one thing that it applies to only a few of them. You can use many Apps like Insta -bridge and WPA WPS Tester. WPA WPS Tester is an Android app which is one of the most popular WiFi password hacker tools.

How to connect public wifi without password

Commonly Asked Question for McDonalds WiFi Access

It was developed with the intention to scan the WiFi networks for vulnerabilities. This notorious hacking app is known for its ability to breaking the security.

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