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Is McDonalds Free WiFi is Secure?

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Is McDonalds Free WiFi is Secure?

If you want to connect your mobile device with any public WiFi then you will need to make sure that you can easily secure your mobile devices and laptop from any kind of security threads. You will find free WiFi at many places like railway platforms, bus stops, library and hotels. When you connect your mobile devices to public WiFi, you will need to secure your mobile from internet threads.

Windows Firewall for McDonalds WiFi Security

What websites are allowed for McDonalds wifi

Firewalls are the best security settings that you can make for your mobile device and these firewalls can secure your mobile device from any kind virus threads. McDonalds WiFi access is very famous across the US and thousands of people are enjoying free WiFi internet connections at McDonalds.

In this article, we are going to explain some simple tricks for have secure connections for your McDonalds Wifi access. When you reflect these security settings for your device, you can easily get high speed internet access that is in a secure way.

Here are the Tips for Making McDonalds WiFi Login Secure

  • First you will need to turn off all sharing for your mobile devices. If Bluetooth is turn ON for your device the first make sure to turn off that Wifi for your device.
  • You will need to enable firewall for your mobile device. When you enable firewall for your mobile device, you can easily restrict any kind of virus attacks for your mobile.
  • If any kind of folder sharing is enabled for your device then you will need to turn off that folder sharing for your devices.
  • If you are using any window device then you will need to enable the firmware settings from “System and Security” window.
  • There are many third party software available so you can install these software for your mobile device and then you can have a secure connections for your mobile devices.

  • We will recommend that you must use https or secure connections for your devices. You must not access websites that are not very secure.
  • We recommend that you must not go for online shopping if you are connected to any public network from your mobile device.

Mobile Firewall for Secure McDonalds WiFi Access

McDonalds WiFi is Not Free All Time

These are the tips for securing your McDonalds WiFi login access from your mobile device.

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