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Mcdonald’s free Wifi in Australia

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Mcdonald’s free Wifi in Australia

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By 2011, McDonald’s had started providing free wifi in about 12000 of its outlets. And soon after it hiked a lot of visitors and also became one of the leading food joints in the world. And McDonald’s at Australia has yet another interesting story to tell.

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Accessing free wifi in a coffee shop

Unlike most places, McDonald’s in Australia is popularly called as Macca. And it now no more a native term as it has been added to the Macquarie Dictionary. Macca is used to refer the son of a reputed person or the one who belongs to the royal family, or with a surname Donald.

Free Wifi in Australia

Most of the McDonald’s branches in Australia have got free Wifi without any password. It is because they have got McDonald’s free wifi login. So once you connect your mobile or any device to the wifi, you will be asked to enter your mobile number. Then, an OTP is generated, and you have to type to verify your phone, once it is verified successfully, you can enjoy the McDonald’s free Wifi. Also, in some locations, The Macca’s restaurant board is also hoarded as people may not be aware of the term McDonald’s itself.

Mcdonald’s free wifi was implemented in Australia in around 2010, shortly after the introduction of free wifi. It marked a history because earlier McDonald’s wifi was not free of cost. The branches provided wifi but charged 2.95 dollars per hour. But now we know it as McDonald free wifi login. Popular known as Macca’s restaurant is situated in about 1000 or more. It was 869 in number in 2011 itself.

Windows Firewall for McDonalds WiFi Security

What websites are allowed for McDonalds wifi


Mcdonald’s provide free, interrupt free wifi, but not everything could be accessed through it. Prorn sites, gay dating sites, and others which are ethically not fit to be viewed in public are banned,

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