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McDonald’s free wifi terms and conditions

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McDonald’s free wifi terms and conditions

McDonald’s free wifi was a fuming topic of discussion back in 2010 when it was started, and the fume seems to remain the same even now. Since Mcdonald’s did not reduce the Wifi price but straight made it free, it was very much appreciated by its customers.

According to the recent study that was performed using the advanced OpenSignal mobile app, the average download speed in multiple McDonald’s restaurants is 4.187 Mbps that is much faster than in other eateries chains.

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McDonald’s free Wifi terms and conditions:

  • No security guarantee

Since Mcdonald’s free Wifi is an open public Wifi, it is an unsafe network. Your data and activity on the internet might be tracked by an intruder in the network. And McDonald’s doesn’t take any responsibility regarding it. So use the wifi wisely.

  • Steps to connect to McDonald’s free Wifi:
  • connect to the available Wifi;
  • visit any website;
  • you will be redirected to McDonald’s Wi-Fi login page;
  • select “Free Connection”;
  • accept the Wi-Fi terms of the agreement, if necessary;
  • click “Continue” button to get access to the Internet.
  • Device requirements

You can enjoy McDonald’s free Wifi only when your laptop or mobile device support 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN. If you have a Windows laptop, check for the Intel Centrino logo on your machine near the keyboard.

  • Download Limit

McDonald’s claims to provide free Wifi, and not unlimited data. So you can download up to 500 MB of data in one session.

  • Idle Time limit

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While connected, you can put your device idle only for 10 mins, after that it disconnects on its own. And you have to follow the same procedure to connect again.

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