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Mobile Firewall for Secure McDonalds WiFi Access

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Mobile Firewall for Secure McDonalds WiFi Access

When you purchase any food at McDonalds store, you will get facility of free wifi access. You can easily connect your computer and mobile device to McDonalds WiFi login. If you want to search for the McDonalds Wifi at your mobile device then you can search for the WiFi network that is available with “Wayport_access” extension. You can select that network and click on “Connect” button.

McDonalds WiFi Application for Mobile Phones

McDonald’s free wifi terms and conditions

When you need secure WiFi access for McDonalds WiFi at your mobile then you will need some steps for that. You must install and configure some security settings for your mobile device. You can also install firewall settings for your device and in that way, you can have very secure wifi access and you can explore all your websites easily.

DroidWall Firewall for Secure McDonalds WiFi

If you are using Android devices for McDonalds WiFi login access then you can install and configure DroidWall firmware services for your device. If you need to install this advance utility for your device then you will need root access for that.

When you install DroidWall firmware for your device, you will able to allow or block the applications at your device. When you access the block list, you can manage the list of the applications that you do not want to allow for your mobile phone. That means, these applications will not work when you are connected to McDonalds Wifi access.

In case you do not have the root permissions for your device then you can also go for another option for that. In that case, you will need to install the “NoRoot Firewall” for your mobile device. There you will get options for allowing and disallowing the applications for your home network.

McDonalds free wifi synergy

Mcdonald’s free Wifi in Australia

In that way, you can have secure Wifi connections using McDonalds Wifi access. You can have access to almost all websites but there are some websites that are not allowed to McDonalds internet so do not get upset in that case.

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