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Privacy Policy

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We have a privacy policy and all personal details that you are going to share with us are totally safe and secure. Personal details that our users share with will be saved to our server devices and will be removed from server once your issues are resolved.

You Will Share These Details with Us

When you need to send us your queries, you will need to send us your Name, your Email Address and your contact number sometimes. All these personal details will be used so that our experts can resolve your issues easily. Email address that you are sharing with our team will be used so that you can get solutions for Navient related issues.

Privacy Policy for Children

We never demand any kind of personal details contact name, email address or contact number for children who are under 18. We always suggest parents that they must have a look at the activity of their children so that they can make sure that children are not sharing any kind contact details with our team. If your child by mistake sends us any kind of contact details then you can email us at probclue@gmail.com email address.

Google Analytics and Google Adsense | Privacy Policy

There are two main services that are activated to our device that are Google Analytic and Google Adsense. Both these Google services will require cookies file from your device. Cookies are actually a file that will store your web browsing history so that later you can use this file for a number of reasons.

Users will have all permissions so that they can easily disable collecting cookies from their computer devices. Google Adsense services will display most relevant ads to your website if they can easily collect Cookies from your compute device. These cookies files are stored to C drive of your computer device.