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Terms and Conditions for McDonald WiFi Access

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Terms and Conditions for McDonald WiFi Access

if you want to access free McDonald WiFi Access then you will need to get some term and conditions for accessing wifi access. These term and conditions are used so that you can easily get wifi access for your computer and mobile devices. In this article, we are going to explain some simple term and conditions that you must agree only then you can get internet access for your devices.

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Here are the Conditions for Accessing McDonald WiFi Access

  1. Do not use WiFi services when you are driving because this is against the law. If you use wifi access which driving your car, that means you are not obeying the rules at all.
  2. McDonald WiFi Access is available at most of the locations of country but if there are some stores where free wifi access is not available then we will be not responsible for that.
  3. When you use McDonald WiFi Access login window, you will need to make sure that your devices have all minimum requirements. You will need to get a device that can have minimum wifi access requirements like updated web browser and minimum system memory.
  4. McDonald WiFi login will not responsible for keeping your account details secure because none of your account details will be saved to our servers. You can install any security application to your mobile device for more security.
  5. There are some websites that are not available with McDonald WiFi Access. If you want to access all these websites then you will need to connect your device with regular wifi plans.
  6. McDonald WiFi Access term and conditions can be changed any time without any kind of advance notice. We have all rights reserved so we can change all these term and conditions any time. These conditions are changed so that we give you more facilities.

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These are the conditions that you have to agree when you are getting McDonald WiFi Access from your computer or mobile device.

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