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If you are at McDonalds store, you will need to make sure that you can easily access free WiFi available for you. In this article, we are going to explain steps for accessing WiFi at McDonalds using your mobile and laptop devices. You will need a device that have wireless access and make sure that you have required battery percentage for your wireless device.

Remember that you can’t access all websites using McDonalds WiFi login access because some access controls are configured for McDonalds WiFi. There are certain websites that are not allowed for your wireless devices. You can easily check your emails and some latest news using McDonalds WiFi access.

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How to Connect Mobile Device with McDonalds WiFi Sign In

If you have any wireless device then you can have following steps and connect your devices to free internet access.

  1. From your computer or mobile device you can search for wifi network available with “Wayport_access” extension.
  2. Choose that network and then click on “Connect” button.
  3. After that you will need to access any web browser and you will find the login page.
  4. There you will need to fill your phone number and using that phone number you can access WiFi access for your mobile devices.

Because you want to access free connections so you will need to find the option for connecting free connection. In this article, we are also going to explain the requirements for accessing McDonalds WiFi for your devices.

Requirements for McDonalds WiFi from your Mobile Devices

  • When you need to connect your wireless devices to your McDonalds WiFi, you will need a computer device or laptop device for WiFi access.
  • You will also need to search for the WiFi networks that are available with “Wayport_access” we extension.

These are the steps that you can follow so that you can have free wifi access for your devices. You have to remember that not all McDonalds stores offer free WiFi access so you will need some special coupons for that. There are some locations in USA that do not have high speed internet access so do not worry about slow internet connections for your devices.

Best free VPN for public Wifi

What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network or VPN is a way internet users do to add security and privacy to private and public networks, the like WiFi Hotspots and the Internet. Virtual Private Networks or VPN are most often used by organizations when handling confidential data.

However, using a personal VPN is becoming more popular as more interactions are being done through the internet causing your data and information vulnerable. On using a VPN, your real IP address is replaced with one from the Virtual Private Network provider.

Best free VPN Apps

1) Hotspot Shield

It is one of the fastest VPN App. It has got features like encryption, email support, etc. The data limit is 500 MB, which is insufficient for online streaming but you can access those particular sites which are currently blocked for your IP. It is free and easy to use. But it does not support any sites like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

2) Windscribe

If you are looking for a VPN App for something that fetches a lot of data, then this one is for you. It provides the data limit of 10 GB, and if you tweet about its services, you get 5 GB extra and on referring to your friend, you 1 GB more. Winscribe not only provides you VPN, but it also works as firewall and ad blocker.

3) ExpressVPN

Some paid VPN providers have its free trial version, and you can use them when you are temporarily not in your location. Express VPN is one among them. Express VPN supports all the online streaming sites like Netflix.

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4) ProtonVPN

Proton VPN provides privacy and security like no other App. Despite being new in the market, it has marked its position because of its no data cap, available in many countries like Switzerland, Japan, China, and a lot more.

McDonalds free wifiwayport_access

McDonald’s on pf the leading food joints of the world started giving free WiFi in 2010, while the news flooded every nook and corner in 2009. By the end of 2010, Mcdonald’s successfully made about 12000 outlets in the USA a free Wifi zone.

It was an overwhelming achievement for both McDonald’s and its visitors because the former was able to grab a lot of customers each day and the latter was still pondering about a 2.95 dollar per hour rate reduced straight to nil.

Wayport network

Wayport is a Wi-Fi broadband internet access provider, based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 1996. Now it is known as AT&T. Wayport was providing connection to about 28,000 locations in the USA, in the year 2010 and over half of them was for McDonald’s free wifi.

Venues include hotels, airports, sports venues, retail chain stores, McDonald’s restaurants and Starbucks locations. Later in 2004, it began a program in 2004, Wayport Wi-Fi World, which could work with telecommunications partners, for unlimited-use Wi-Fi locations, by paying monthly.

The telecom companies who were using Wayport could legally resell the services under their name. By May 2012, the number of hotspot locations by Wayport (now AT&T) increased to 48,000.

How to connect to McDonald’s free Wifi?

  1. Connect your phone to the “Wayport_Access” network.
  2. Open a browser; you will be taken to the new McDonald’s welcome page.
  3. Click on “Free Connection.”
  4. Check the terms of service check box and click on the “Continue” button.
  5. Finally, McDonald’s Wi-Fi welcomes you to the Internet on the next page.

Now you are all set to enjoy Mcdonald’s free wifialong with favourite beverage or burger. Note that not all site and content on the internet could be accessed through McDonald’s wifi, some are apparently banned.

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