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What are the risks associated with using public wifi

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What are the risks associated with using public wifi

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As the technology advances, new hacks and tools are developing, so are the risks accompanying with it.

And so is the addiction to the internet. And that’s why we public Wifis are high on demand. And with free wifi comes a lot of cyber attacks and risks. And here are few them mentioned:

  • Snooping

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Snooping is the process of accessing the users’ activity when the user and the hacker are in the same network. In short, a hacker can track or snoop in all the information you wish to have stayed within yourself. And to prevent this, you must enable encryption.

Encryption helps typically to secure your network traffic from hacker’s eyes. Like, your neighbour at home who is within range of your Wi-Fi network, will not know the web pages you’re browsing. It is due to wireless traffic encrypted between your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and your wireless router. It’s encrypted with your Wi-Fi passphrase.

  • Man in the middle

You may be a victim to “Man in the Middle” (MiTM) attacks, which allow an attacker or the hacker to accommodate themselves between you and a web page you are visiting – one important tool replaces all images loading on pages with those of sheep – or even usurp the identity of the router altogether.

It allows them to capture a reckless user’s banking sessions, or do any sort of illegal activities, or may infect the otherwise trusted sites which you may browse and will affect your computer lately.

  • Bandwidth Stealing

Users of unsecured corporate wireless networks may think that they’re safe from the attention of malicious outsiders.

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But the actually anyone who gets to know about the existence of your unsecured wifi network, he or she can and will most likely try to hack it and use it to satisfy his malicious intents.

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