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What websites are allowed for McDonalds wifi

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What websites are allowed for McDonalds wifi

Apart from enjoying McDonald’s tasty meals like lip-smacking burgers, fries and crushes, you can also use their free wi-fi service as long as you are there. Do all your downloads while having your food to save your data and enjoy them later.

Windows Firewall for McDonalds WiFi Security

What websites are allowed for McDonalds wifi

Also, you can keep scrolling down and simultaneously take frequent sips from your drink. You must know all the methods and measures to get the full advantage of McDonald’s free wifi. But remember that you can’t take the ‘full’ advantage!

With every good comes bad, and so is the case with McDonald’s frees wifi. Some sites are blocked, and you can’t have access to them directly. Here is a list of websites that have been blocked.

1) Porn sites

Not one, two, or few, but all of them. After subway and Starbucks, McDonald’s also pens down its name in the list of favourite food joints which have blocked these sites from their free wifi. After two years of pressure from an Internet safety advocacy group, McDonald’s finally decided to take this move.

2) Gay sites

Okay, this time not all but few. Sites like gaynz.com, Agender.org.nz, and few more that serves gay entertainment or is of adult interest.

So not porn, but any other thing on the internet which ethically should not be viewed publicly, is blocked.

3) Gay dating sites of New Zealand

Gay dating sites like finding someone.co.nz and nzdating.com are also there in the list of blocked sited from McDonald’s free wifi.

McDonalds WiFi Application for Mobile Phones

McDonald’s free wifi terms and conditions

Despite so much of restricted data, it is one of the largest food joints around the world to provide free wifi.

And when there is a rule, there is always a rule breaker, and in this case, there are hacks. Many hacks and tools can help you access these sites while using McDonald’s free wifi.

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